Shared tables

Welcome to our shared table.     Before we continue… Let’s take a moment and take three slow, cleansing breaths.  Clear your mind.  Imagine you’re about

The Wakami Dream embraces many of us

This year is 18 years since Wakami was founded.  It all started with the mission to transform hard realities in rural communities in Guatemala- communities

Reflections about playing

This month is tainted with nostalgia for me… why? Because lately I’ve been catching myself thinking of when I was a kid, when the days

The spirit of spring

It is no secret that Guatemala is called the Country of the never-ending spring…I never knew what that meant until I left.  When you live

A reflection on walking

Hello, Citizen of the world.    Looking at the world can be a scary thing. Watching the news and seeing some things that are happening

The Gift of this Quarantine

From the heart of rural Guatemala I have always felt the desire to make a better world – to somehow be a participant of making