A reflection on walking

Hello, Citizen of the world. 


Looking at the world can be a scary thing. Watching the news and seeing some things that are happening in the world can be challenging, I sometimes end up feeling discouraged and sad and I end up thinking that perhaps, I am too small. This is the time when I remember a song my dad used to sing: Cantares. A song by a Spanish singer that reflects on a poem, a song that literally says: You make the journey by walking. This song, this idea, makes me feel brave again. It reminds me that what this world needs are walkers, people that are willing to take a stand and walk. 


This month in Wakami we celebrate the walk, the process, the brave decision of taking action. Our manifesto talks about the different values that drive our actions. We state that we believe in unity, in gratitude, in peace, and most importantly, that we are willing to build a World in which we all can experience this. You, a citizen of the World are part of this, you are part of this calling, you are part of this movement and this month is dedicated to celebrating this. This is why today we want to talk about 3 ideas that must be in our minds, some reminders for the Citizens of the World, some tips to bring along for the walk. 


  1. Every step counts
  2. You know that phrase that theater people say “There’s no such thing as a small roll” Well, it’s the same when it comes to taking action. It doesn’t matter if your action today is to bring a reusable bag to the supermarket or if today you are launching your own social brand. All actions add up to the World we are all dreaming of. What’s important is to acknowledge this, tho honor every day’s decisions that make up this path.  
  3. There is no path, the path is made by walking
  4. This idea I take from that song I told you about. It’s very confusing to choose what action we are going to take. Information and opinions are overwhelming. Not to mention the overflow of polarization and division that make it hard to distinguish what is the path we want to walk. Don’t worry. It’s only by walking that we discover the way towards a better world. It’s only by listening to that podcast, by trying this new way of consuming, by changing that habit that we really can tell what are the actions we want to commit to. Trying is brave, trying with purpose braver. 
  5. You are not alone
  6. Even though the news and the World sometimes seem to say to us that we are alone, that selfishness is winning… that’s not true. Many people are taking small or big steps to contribute to World. An action is also finding your tribe, finding peers on this walk, finding other walkers that inspire you, that make you question what’s around you… an action to build a community. This is why we couldn’t be more thankful that you are part of ours. 


I hope this reflection gives you a little hope, and that at the end of it, just like me… you can declare yourself an optimist. 


Happy August.