Our Impact

Our work

At Wakami, we partner with people from rural communities in Guatemala and give them access to an expanse of opportunities so they can turn their dreams into reality. The artisans we work with come from vulnerable communities where they face many challenges in generating sustainable sources of income for their families.

Our products and programs open cycles of prosperity in a sustainable and integral manner that improves their livelihoods. 

Wakami believes in the power of collective dreams. We know that by starting our work at home, we can create a ripple effect that brings global change. 

This is our formula for change

dreams + opportunities = change

How do we create opportunities?

Through our replicable and transferable methodologies

Inclusive Business

This is how we turn groups of vulnerable artisans into formal businesses that can join any value chain.

Formation of Value Chains

This is how we open the doors to markets, making income sustainable for our artisans.

Smart Investment

This is how we turn income into wellness, assuring our artisans have information and tools to improve their lives with the income they make. We work on three areas:

  1. Education:

    • Scholarships- To create educational opportunities for Wakami kids.

    • Girls Clubs- To create safe spaces where girls can learn about their rights and maximize their potential. 

  2. Nutrition- To fill the nutritional gap in our country through education, measurements, and nutritional tracking for Wakami families. 

  3. Safe and Healthy Homes- To create access to products that can improve the conditions of the houses for Wakami families.

Our impact in numbers

For the world

3 replicable and transferable methodologies to incorporate new people into value chains and transform their quality of life.

– Inclusive Business
– Formation of value chains
– Smart Investments

4 formed value chains
– Handmade products
– Fibers
– Regenerative Agriculture
– Forestry


For Guatemala

Our methodology has been implemented in a national project that strengthened 300 rural businesses in Guatemala, benefiting over 20,000 people.

From the Wakami value chain

More than 60 Guatemalan micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) have been incorporated into Wakami’s national and international value chains.

5 coffee groups are working with our regenerative agriculture project.

Social Transformation

Over 2,000 women empowered with our Inclusive Business and Smart Investments methodology.

60% of Wakami children have improved their nutritional status.

Wakami children have 140% higher education than the national average

Wakami Travelers

What is our travelers program?

The Wakami Travelers program gives Citizens of the World the opportunity to witness Wakami’s impact firsthand and immerse themselves in our collective dream. In addition to seeing the lush beauty of our country, as a traveler you will get to work with our artisans and team to create a project that benefits our community, participate in different workshops (such as the dream workshop and our circle of light), make your own bracelet, and take time to reconnect with yourself and like-minded others.

At Wakami, one of our core values is to connect with the Earth and with each other. This is why the Wakami traveler program was born, to open doors for Citizens of the World to sit in the same room and share tables where love and light are in the center. Our Wakami travelers program has facilitated connection through the stories and the dream that we share. 

 Are you up to traveling with purpose?