About Wakami

What we do?

At Wakami our mission is to create products that elevate our community, restore the Earth, and transform perspectives. We believe that by doing so, we can create a world where purpose, prosperity, and hope exists for everyone.

Our products connect Citizens of the World through partnering with women from generally vulnerable, rural communities in Guatemala.

Our goal is to create chains of opportunities that help these communities prosper. We understand that in these communities, dreams are big, but opportunities are scarce. 

That’s why we are committed to opening cycles of prosperity so that our artisans can achieve their dreams and improve their lives, their homes, and the lives of their families.

“purpose, prosperity and hope”

our values

Why do we do it?

This is our manifesto, our set of beliefs, and our declaration to the World. At Wakami, we are firm believers in working towards a purpose, the power of collective action, the potential of our country, and the transformative power of creativity and design.

Wakami is an embassy where purpose, prosperity, and hope already exist. We dream of seeing all Citizens of the World gathering in this space, where the only visa you need is a dream and the will to be part of global change. 

Our pledge is to see 2 million dreams come true in our community by 2030. Our community includes the artisans we partner with and their families, our team, our allies, and all of you, who are reading on the other side of the screen


We are the citizens of the world.
We believe that a better world is possible, that global change begins at home.

We dream of living in a world of unity, of equality – a world of connection.

We believe in the power of dreams and we know that
collective dreams are unstoppable.

We choose to live a life of purpose and we know that our
actions build the world in which we want to live.

We know that when we collaborate with others
everything is possible.  We believe in peace, in gratitude,in purpose, in hope.

We are citizens of the World.