More girls are going to school in Guatemala


Your dream, my dream, their dream is a world where schools are filled with healthy kids that change the world. To make this possible, as you know, we have to make sure girls go to school. When I was 8 years old I used to go to a farm in the drylands of Guatemala, there I played in the mountains, carried water in vessels, and had many conversations with local girls. I grew up surrounded by all these girls that were just like me: Same age, same interests, same jokes, same humor. But as I got older things changed… 

When I was 12 years old I went back to the farm asking for one of my friends there: Aura. Turns out she had left the village and married a man. She had left her home, her safe place and of course, she left school. In the moment of my life when my worries were how to run faster or how to pass a math test my friend had to leave everything behind and soon she became a mother. By the time she turned 17, she was the mother of three kids. Don’t get me wrong, having kids and becoming a wife is something worth celebrating, but in a context of such scarcity, this event became a link in a chain of events that perpetuated cycles of poverty and vulnerability for her and her family. 

This is why making sure more girls stay in school is part of my purpose, and what I can guess… also yours. Wakami is a platform that has let us see girls graduating from schools and by doing that breaking chains of historic vulnerability for them and their families. In communities where rarely women study in high school, seeing girls opting to go to universities and getting the chance of writing their own future is truly a privilege. You are all part of this, as each product you buy translates into a percentage of a scholarship for girls in Guatemala. 

And this perhaps is the most important message of this blog: WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD. In Guatemala, 4/10 kids go to school but in the case of Wakami children, it is 9/10. In a country where the scholarity expectation rate is of 3 years, we are seeing Wakami girls graduating FROM COLLEGE. What a wonderful thing to witness and all thanks to you. 

What is your dream?