Reflections about playing

This month is tainted with nostalgia for me… why? Because lately I’ve been catching myself thinking of when I was a kid, when the days felt eternal and when my imagination was unstoppable. As you might be aware, on this month in Guatemala we celebrate children’s day, a day in which kids are protagonists and this means one thing for Wakami: imagination, curiosity and movement are going to be in the center this month. 

We are firm believers that the innocence and curiosity that characterize kids are necessary to change the world. Only by looking at the challenges that we might face with fresh eyes we might actually find a different way to approach them and then maybe we will be able to transform what worries us and connect with the energy of abundance, kindness and peace. But if this is the way… why is it so hard for us? Why did we lose the power of looking at things with eyes of childhood? 

This month as a team we were challenged to create a concept out of two ideas: PLAYING (as as a generator verb) and ANIMALS. This was challenging, definitely… but this took us on journey of enlightenment and a came out with very interesting realizations that we wanted to share with our audience. We not only try to make products with purpose but also we are committed to create communications and campaigns that are an invitation to question our reality, to make a change and to partner with others to do so. These are a few of the lessons we learned by doing this months campaign: 


  1. Playing is part of who we are, it is part of what nature is.
    Animals play with each other, the leafs of the trees play with the wind during the fall and the first thing we learned to do is to play. We are good at experimenting, at trying without expectations and at laughing with ourselves. As we grow older we are more uncomfortable with our mistakes or with our goofiness and we forget to play. But taking life less seriously, finding time for joy, making the time for things that make us smile is important to fulfill who we are. We are movement, we are curiosity and we are entitled to play. 
  2. We must not forget that we are part of a cycle.

By looking at animals and learning about them this month we learned that each one of them has a roll in the way life happens. Butterflies lead the paths for others, Jaguars bring balance to their environments, Tapirs literally seed forests and this made us question: What is our roll? What is the roll of the little and big citizens of the World?… We are guardians of the Earth, we are responsible to protect this cycle, we are here to protect life! 

  1. If it’s not us… who? If it’s not now… when?

As Emma Watson said… we have a calling. Nature has been calling us over and over with one request: take a stand. We need to start moving because these animals need from us as much as we need from them.. to keep the balance, to maintain life, to play…. This is why our collection is called Guardians of the Earth. Because this, we learned, is our mission. 

Thank you for reading, thank you for being part of our community, thank you for being part of the cycle of LIFE!