Shared tables

Welcome to our shared table.  


Before we continue… Let’s take a moment and take three slow, cleansing breaths. 

Clear your mind. 

Imagine you’re about to share a meal with your chosen people at your favorite location. 

How do you  wish to enter that space? 

For us, certain things need to happen before sharing a moment and a meal with these wonderful beings. 

  • We wash our hands, yes.  
  • We prepare the table, aha. 
  • We place everything in its space. 
  • And most importantly, we leave any energy we don’t want at the door to make space for a fresh one to come in. We are present. We are aware. 

Our table is placed on a floor positioned  in the reality of our country. Our dream is to see shared tables multiply, but before this we had to see.

To see is to learn. 
To see is to recognize .To see is to ask.



Seeing for Wakami has been a process of observing the world and asking questions rather than getting the answer. It has meant starting from home, seeing ourselves. Seeing for Wakami has been a process of recognizing the reality of our country, it has been a process in which we are always learning, listening.

Before we sit at the table,

We invite you to see the reality around you. Wherever you are at the moment. 

Now, after seeing this reality, we decided to dream: We dreamt of shared tables…shared what? 


Shared tables

Where families share from abundance.

Spaces where the Earth is in the center and people connect with each other.

Spaces of purpose, prosperity and hope.


A shared table is an ecosystem where we all have a role and we all add value from where we sit. Shared tables can happen in different parts of the world, at different times, with different people. A shared table is diverse, inclusive, participatory. 

The greatest expression of abundance is being able to share this abundance. At Wakami we know that prosperity exists in a home once we are ready to share what we have with other people who may come to our table. 

For us, Sharing is an indicator of abundance. And the shared tables are our unit of measure.


This is our recipe for multiplying shared tables,
  • Sustainable families with opportunities to transform their reality.
  • Families that work with the Earth and take care of it because they see that the Earth takes care of them.
  • Prosperous families, in constant growth.
  • Cozy homes that embrace safe families.
  • Tables surrounded by women with dreams, girls and boys returning from school.
  • Tables covered with healthy food that multiply abundance


How do we work this recipe? Find out more about our programs here


Now, what do you need to create your own shared table? 
  • Clean (The space, but also make sure to arrive at the table with an open mind and heart)
  • Invite one or more people to your table. (Who do you imagine is at your table?)
  • Place something in the center of the table that connects you with nature (flowers, maybe?)
  • Make sure there is light (candles? A big window? Maybe sit outside?)
  • Prepare food with love.
  • Use ingredients that come from the Earth.


Again…look around you. How does it feel to be at a shared table?

For us it feels like taking a deep breath. It feels like a hug from a dear one. It feels like home, wherever we are. It feels vast. 

You are always welcome at our shared table.