A Body That Illuminates – Being a Light

The word light is very common. We use it daily (Hey mom, turn off the lights!) but we usually don’t reflect on the meaning. Specifically, we don’t realize that we have the potential to be light, too. 

In Spanish the word for light is “luz” which comes from the Latin word “lux” which means a “a body that illuminates”. As you can see, being light is immediately connected to a purpose: to serve, to be light for others. As I was growing up in my school we had a motto: “Just as a candle lights another candle without diminishing its brightness, so nobility begets nobility” This quote gives me goosebumps. For me, it means that light is meant to be multiplied, to be contagious, to be shared.

After being in lockdown for three months, I am reflecting on what it means to be light for others. Being light for others is not necessarily connected to doing heroic actions or making extraordinary things. Being light for me, is to be optimistic, to be kind, and to make sure that your words and actions contribute to the happiness and peace of other people and beings of this planet. 

As I see it, there are two steps that you need to take in order to become light. The first one is to heal. Buddha’s first noble principle acknowledges the fact that in life there is pain, inevitably.  It is our responsibility to heal, to look inside. To change in us what gives us pain, what we don’t want to see in the world. It’s always a process, but once we are healed we are more likely to share authentically from love and from light. 

The second step towards being light for others is to realize the power of words, intention, and thoughts. Just by speaking with words of love, you are changing the world. I learned that by restraining myself from complaining about this crisis and from criticizing, I can help others feel more in peace, and therefore also I feel peace and certainty. 

From the Light Ceremony we hosted in Guatemala. It was wonderful!

I learned that when you are light you also attract others who give light. Soon, you find yourself surrounded by a group of people who inspire you, who makes you feel empowered, and who are a reflection of what you project to the world. As you know, being a dreamer is easier when you have a support system.

The world needs light right now, and we have the power to become one. The present crisis has showed us what really matters, and the importance of connecting with our principles, our values, and what we believe in. This is why in Wakami we had a LIGHT campaign in June – an invitation to send light with our thoughts and energy to the world and an invitation to connect with others who believe in the power of dreams. 

After this month, this crisis and this campaign I learned that as we speak a language of love, of light, this comes back to us. I learned that being light is both a privilege and a responsibility and learned that Wakami is a space of hope that welcomes all citizens of the World.