Finding Fellow Citizens of the World

We are citizens of the world. When I internalize these five words I get chills. The citizens of the world are a group of humans that, without knowing each other, are dreaming and working towards the same goal: We want to change the world.

This spirit of hope is almost magnetic. It has happened more than once that casual conversations lead to very deep dialogues on equality, sustainability, etc. We are not alone, you are not alone. It’s so encouraging to know that others have the same vision. I literally imagine people from all parts of the world with their eyes closed imagining houses with windows multiplying in rural villages. 

I’ve been working with Wakami for some years now and I’ve met hundreds of citizens of the world. From all ages, from all parts of the world, tiny, big, older and younger. People that work in fashion or people that work as engineers… all of them with the same dream: Living in a happier, more loving world.

This is why I want to give you a list of characteristics of the citizens of the world… so that wherever you go you have a way of identifying other people who, like you, want to work for our planet and everyone who lives on it! 

1. Citizens of the world always say thank you.

We believe in gratitude as a force. We say thank you not only for favors or as a courtesy; citizens of the world are willing to see all the gifts in their lives and are deeply thankful for what they have, what they are, and what they are becoming. 

2. Citizens of the world ask questions; we are curious.

We are learners. Life-long learners. We are always asking questions, and we have the power of being able to be surprised by the little things. We love to know more, to gain a deeper knowledge of all that is around us. 

3. Citizens of the world respect the Earth. 

No citizen of the world will throw garbage away if it’s not in its place. We take care of our common home, of the people, of the animals, of the life, and we enjoy the connection with nature. 

4. Citizens of the world remember your name, and if not, they remember your dream.

We care about people, about their stories. Citizens of the world recognize the value in every person they meet. They acknowledge humanity.  

5. Citizens of the world are genuinely joyful.

We love life and we are brave enough to smile at strangers, to laugh out loud, to find joy wherever we can. We want to live happy and meaningful lives. 

6. Citizens of the world are not afraid of tears.

We are brave enough to be vulnerable. We respect others feelings and honor everyone’s processes. 

7. Citizens of the world know how to be part of a team.

We are team players. We love cooperation and collaboration. We know that by working and dreaming with others… everything is possible. 

8. Citizens of the world look you in the eyes.

As I said before, citizens of the world recognize and honor humanity. We want to connect. We believe in meaningful connections and we understand the power of trus, love and respect for other citizens of the World. 

Your invitation

The invitation now is to find those Citizens of the World around you, talk to them, open your heart. Connect with people that inspire you because that, my friends, is life’s purest and best gift. I’m lucky to have met plenty of people with dreams like mine and this is why I think of myself as the richest person in the world. 

Happy search,