A Gift from My Mom – Hands That Create

These past weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. It´s going to sound strange but I’ve been thinking about my hands a lot lately.

I haven’t been thinking about how they look, but about what I´m able to create with them. I’ve been thinking how I feel transformed when I´m using them, while creating.  It´s like I become a better version of myself.

So, these days I’ve been feeling grateful for my hands. With them I can transform color, materials, texture, and processes. They allow me to bring beauty to life and to connect with my inner self and with others.  In these hard times, my hands bring me hope.

Anni Albers, a great textile artist, once said, “Creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know.”  I feel that in the work I can do with my hands.

At Wakami we talk about how each product is an opportunity, and what we have also realized these days is that each product is also a journey; each product is a process of transformation. Each product reflects a journey from so many different communities in Guatemala to the city and to the world, but it is also a journey within us. It is a journey of excitement and joy.

In thinking about the feelings my hands can create, I believe that our bodies and our hands must save and reflect our memories and our life knowledge. Through the process of developing, transforming and creating we get to share these memories and our stories. Every time we create, we tell a story; we share a piece of ourselves; we connect with each other.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about my childhood and about my mom. I’ve also been thinking about the deal my mom made with God.   I believe that, without her knowing it, that deal she made allowed her to nurture a space where I now get to create for Wakami, alongside other women who share her journey. Together, in her world and mine, we have found a space for creation and a journey for excitement.

Life has strange ways. Being able to be in this space where I get to express myself through my hands in the process of creating has been a gift from life, a gift from my mom.

Feliz día de la Madre!

Love you Mami!