Creativity – Inspiring Hope and Confirming Dreams

For the design team, this past week has really exciting.

Definitely these are weird times, hard times mostly, but this week we have been creating and developing concepts, which for us, as a design team, is definitely light for the soul and the heart.

Creating and making with our hands makes us feel connected to something bigger, makes us feel part of something. I guess this is for every citizen of the world, not just for creative people. Do you feel that way, too?

For each collection, each set of new idea, we come together as a design team and start with a basic discussion. We start by asking ourselves what is it that we are looking for, not as designers but putting ourselves in the minds of those who see what we create – what we put on our website – what goes in our stores. As consumers, what catches our eye? What is it that we need? How do some things make us feel? What are we looking for? What do we wish we could have? Is it about beauty? Is it about value? Is it about connection?

Then we start thinking as designers. Why it is important to keep creating? Is it about the people? Is it about the earth? Once again, Is it about connection? What story do we want to tell?

In a time where everything has changed, these type of discussions, as citizens of the world, really make us dream of a better world, and as designers, it allows us to bring to life these dreams, through products and opportunities.

It is in that moment that we start to think how all these questions, all these things we want to feel, and all these stories we want to tell translate into tangible objects. Is it about the materials? Is it about the people that make them? Is it about the place where they are made? Is it about the balance between all of them?

This past week we have been discussing all of these questions. We have been thinking it is really important to consider all of them and really be more conscious than ever with every decision we make. We definitely don’t need more stuff in our lives, but we do need new ways of celebrating the earth and its people, new ways of honoring the past and embracing the future, new ways of connecting as citizens of the world.

Phrases and words like these have been in our minds: beautiful and good, for the people and the earth, by the people and the earth, conscious and deep, part of something bigger, simple but valuable, less is more, small, a treasure, bringing light, a reminder of hope and change, ¨callers for action¨, a calling for new beginnings, honoring special people…

So as you can see, definitely an exciting week! A lot of questions, some answers, and minds full of ideas and excitement. We dream and do believe in a better world!

As we move forward with our creative process, I´ll keep you posted and know that we love to co-create with all the citizens of the world, so ideas are welcome!! Write to us if you would like to share any thought or any ideas.