Connecting with the Earth and Each Other

I almost flunked biology twice! I always felt that caring about atoms and cells and mitochondria was something that was almost against my nature. I always loved Art and History, psychology even… but never cared about science or animals or plants. It took me years, a life changing trip, and a pandemic to write this article: an article that is an invitation to connect with the Earth – and know that the Earth will connect us back together even while we are apart.

We are all different – and that is what we have in common. We come from different lands, from different families. No one looks like you. Even twins look different some times. It is easy to look at our differences, but we have one big thing in common: where we live. We live in an amazing place call Earth – a big beautiful rock that has witnessed all of our joyful moments, all of our milestones, even our tears. This place has been part of all your parties, all your achievements, it was part of your grandparents lives and it will be also part of the lives of future kids. This planet where we are standing right now is what will always keeps us connected.

Two key words in Wakami’s core values are: connect and honor. Two words that now, in times of a major worldwide challenge, are so needed. Now, when we are all isolated in our homes, we need to be reminded of everything that unites us. What unites us more than this place – this home – we all share? I miss walking on the beach, the smell of wet dirt, the mountain views from the road, and now more than ever I see the need to remind myself that our common home needs us to care.

It’s amazing, really, how the Earth is taking this chance to breathe. While we are going through isolation and what we think of as hardships, pollution in big cities is clearing up. Streams are more beautiful. I hear you can smell the flowers and hear the birds chirping in the middle of New York City. That is pretty amazing, don’t you think?

I went to Africa last fall. While in the savanna, I learned how connected all nature creatures are. How plants feed animals, that then feed other species, that then feed the land in which plants will then grow, making it a never-ending cycle in which each one plays an essential part. While looking at a sunset in Namibia I thought: Each animal plays a part in nature… what is our role as humans?

Now I know: we are in charge of keeping earth alive.

We have the responsibility to keep our forests green, to keep our animals running freely. We have the responsibility of keeping water clean so that fish can swim happily. We are in charge of taking care of our common home and in return we get to see sunsets, and smell flowers, and see stars at night. In return, not only us, but generations ahead will enjoy this rock we call home.

While we are in the middle of a global health crisis, it’s important to remember that April is also Earth Month. Let us all take this opportunity to connect with the earth.

Is It time to re think our roles in the world? Can we take this opportunity to realize that we come from nature and therefore we are here to give it love and care? Can we sit back and take a deep breath ourselves, as nature is doing right now?

I invite you to download our Earth Story – something we created with to share how we see the Earth and all of her connections. It is our way to honor the Earth and all that she does for us. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

We are stronger together. The Earth, and our love for her and for each other, is our common thread.