3 Tips to buy Ethical Fashion

Some people think ethical fashion is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. It all depends in the angle you approach it. We have some tips to consider before you buy something. These simple questions will help you if you want to have a more ethical wardrobe:

  • “Is this eco-friendly?”

Investigate and support companies that are saving the planet. Just because they are organic or made of recycled material doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. Look at La Multicolor bags! They are really fun and pretty! These bags are made out of recycled material and you can buy them in our website. We try to partner with companies that share our values.

  • “Do I really need it?”

When you are in a store buying a shirt, ask yourself: am I going to wear this in 5 years? Can I wear this more than 15 times? If the answer is no, well, probably it’s not something you really need. Buy quality over quantity. Style is not about who has more. Get creative and inspire others!

  • “Do I know who made it? ”

Buy from companies that pay fair wages and preferably are helping disadvantaged communities. Is the company you are buying from living the values of the world you want to live in? In Wakami we want you to know who is making the bracelets and the impact they are having the lives of their producers.

If you want to buy from companies that help more than they hurt. You can start with these simple tips I gave you. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Every time we try to change something it can be hard in the beginning, but an ethical wardrobe isn’t impossible. You can do it and you have the power to change the world around you supporting companies that share your vision of a better world. We hope these nice tips have helped you to acquire a more ethical wardrobe. 

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