How can we take care of the Earth? A story of mangos

Life is prettier when you take the time to breath, to see the sunsets. Life is prettier when you eat a mango and your hands are all dirty because of it’s juice. Life is pretty when you see a chain of ants, when we dare to notice how the clouds are running up in the sky, when we smell how the rain hits the ground. Nature is the source of inspiration for painters, writers, poets and even me… who is sitting on a train, not an artist but a simple communicator… The earth is my inspiration and my best antidote against routine. 


For me it’s very easy to understand why taking care of the Earth is the calling for humanity. We are here to dance with her, with the Earth. We came to take care of it… and in exchange we get to enjoy all of its delights. But the question remains… HOW? How are citizens of the World are supposed to take care o the Earth? There’s is so much information that it is hard to identify what’s the best way of take a stand TODAY and start changing the things that are hurting our common home. So here we have some ideas: 


  1. Partner with others. Collective dreams are unstoppable. There are plenty of people doing amazing things for the Earth. Join a movement, choose a cause and work with other dreamers like you. 
  2. Begin with your habits. Our daily habits, the little things are constantly either building or harming The Earth. It’s always the tiny things. The bags we use, the A.C., how much we are using the car instead of walking, what kind of masks we are using, what kind of food we are buying. It’s important to once in a while do a check in and change as many things as possible so our day a day actions help us build the World we want to live in. 
  3. Spend more time in nature. For me this is key.  The more I know the Earth, the more I listen to it, the more I see it… the more I want to take care of it. We are so connected to our computers, our routines… we are inside a non- stop pace that won’t let us connect with what’s important. Get to know your surroundings, the kind of trees that are around you, the kind of birds, go for a long walk and fall in love with the Earth. 
  4. Buy products that are gentle with the Earth. Look for traceability, B corps, fair trade, organic or recycled materials. Do your homework. Research about materials, brands and companies and buy consciously. Finally, buy purposefully in less quantity. Our purchases really shape our World. 
  5. Stay in this community. In Wakami we work hard on making on designing, marketing and working in a way that celebrates the Earth and that is as respectful to it as possible. We are not perfect, but we are putting all of our efforts to make our brand an ecosystem that connects the Earth and the people with purpose, prosperity and hope. 


Thank you for showing up for The Earth, may your life be filled with mangos and rain