Why Ethical Fashion shouldn’t be a Trend


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Everything is a trend now, right? Being fit is totally IN today. Being a dog-lover, using statement t-shirts, being a feminist… Doing cross-fit, hugging trees, are today’’s IT things. Being an ethical shopper is not an exception to the rule. It is great that people want to do good things for their bodies and our planet. But something makes me worry. That is that this trendy wave remains a trend and sometime soon, people would forget about it.

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Being educated not only means knowing what to buy or not. It’s to also be aware and question brands and products that you already consume. Look into their value chains, where they fabricate their products, what ingredients and material they use, etc… Also, it is really easy to be fooled by good branding but get a good understanding of what you are getting. Don’’t fall for marketing tricks that can make you think that a product is human/earth friendly when it is not.

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*image obtained from Shoppe Black’s web page
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There’s also many more articles about ethical fashion on our blog. Like How to make Ethical Affordable, or  Ethical Fashion as a movement, check them out!

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Choosing ethical fashion is not easy. It is less practical, it sometimes is more expensive and also it requires a lot of education on the subject. This is also one reason why people don’t choose being an ethical shopper or why after a while they drop the idea. But I think that the best way to keep on supporting this movement is by making it part of our lifestyle.

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*image obtained from Ink-spots and Grass-stains’ blog

Being educated…

One way of making sure that trend remains as a lifestyle is being truly educated. There is a lot of research available one click away from you. There are many documentaries, magazines and individuals committed to this cause. It only takes some of your time to engage and understand this movement and the impact it can have on the lives of many.

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Only by being educated and questioning consumers we can make sure that the trend of being an ethical shopper can become a lasting movement. Leading by example and with coherence, many more will become part of this life changing  trend.


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*image obtained from Fashion Revolution’s web page