This article is for those who want to be part of the ethical fashion movement. Nowadays, thousands of people is starting to question brands and fast fashion stores. We are getting more aware of value chains. Of artisan’s working condition and sustainable materials. But the truth is that ethical fashion can also be expensive. That is making the idea of “a world in which we all dress in a way that won’t damage the world” unreacheable. This is why today we are bringing you some tips on how you can be ethical support and also be on a budget.

         1.    Vintage and second hand clothes

One of my favorite closet items is my grandma’s bumber jacket from the 80’s. By using second handed clothes you are recycling and therefore, you are being ethical. I love vintage stores for jackets, eyeglasses and purses.

*image obtained from Pinterest’s web page

          2.    Accesorize

Simple jeans and white t-shirts can get to another level by adding accessories to them. Ethical handmade accessories aren’t that expensive. They can make your outfit look completely trendy. In Wakami, we have many bracelets and necklaces that follow global fashion trends. They will transform a simple outfit to an awesome one in a matter of seconds.

          3.    Good quality

Imagine that you have to get  $30 dollar pair of jeans every 5 months for it’s bad quality. In matter of 15 months you would have to spend 90$…. That’s a lot of waste for the planet in such a short term. Instead, you can find good quality ethical jeans from 95$ which will last for at least 3 years…. See the difference? By investing in good items you can save money on the long run.

            4.   Research your favorite brands

Some “fast fashion” brands have ethical lines as well! Find them online! It only takes some time to find how your favorite store make their clothes.

             5.   Go local!

Look for local artisans and designers and support their work! Being ethical also means knowing who designs what you wear and how they do it. Buying local doesn’t necessarily mean buying cheap. But, at least you’re giving your money to the person who drew, cut and sew what you are buying.

*image obtained from Pinterest’s web page

Keep on buying local, ethical and eco friendly clothes! Together, we will make this world a better place.

Only good vibes,

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