17 years at Vital Voices

This  month I was in Washington DC with the privilege of sharing a stage with Sec. Hillary Clinton and 4 other powerful and dedicated women. 

On Taking Action For Change

I was recently caught up in Zac Efron’s new docuseries Down to Earth. Wow, it really made me think. I don’t know if it was

Beauty and Style from the Mind of Lis

“Who designs these beautiful things?” It’s a question we hear frequently, and when we recently participated in a tradeshow for Latin American Design in Mexico City,

Building an Ethical Closet

I’m a firm believer that our everyday choices, speak for our values. What we choose to wear everyday is a statement, a way of saying

A Game-changing Movement: Ethical Fashion

10 years ago we wondered about one thing. About which products could become bridges between rural communities of Guatemala and markets. The answer to that

Wakami at MercedesBenz Fashion Guatemala 2017

Every November, the best bloggers, journalists and designers in Guatemala celebrate local talent. That happens at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Guatemala.   This year, Wakami designed