Wakami at MercedesBenz Fashion Guatemala 2017

Every November, the best bloggers, journalists and designers in Guatemala celebrate local talent. That happens at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Guatemala.
This year, Wakami designed the oficial event bracelet. This bracelet was black, white and pink. It had a volcano stone on it to make reference to the Guatemalan landscape. Besides, it had a medallion that said #GuateEstáDeModa. That’s Spanish for: Guate is fashionable.  The tassel and texture on our bracelet express Guatemala’s culture and diversity.
During fashion week, our team witnessed the best of our local designers. Some international fashionistas atended as well. Many bloggers and press wore the bracelet with pride. It was a way of making a statement, and inviting other guatemalans to join this growing industry.
The runways were filled with colors and flowy designs. Lia Cohen for example, presented a collection that screamed feminity. She used soft fabrics and simple silhouttetes. Eduardo Figueroa presented a collection with bright colors and fashion statements. Such as dramatic hats and huge bags.
Extravaganza is one of the best parts any fashion week has. Ladrón de Guevara, from Peru, presented an interactive show. The audience was able to approach the models and interact with them. This collection made it clear that fashion isn’t only something that you wear. But, instead, something that you can experience and live.
Designers such as Sofía Contreras made it clear that fashion is art. She presented walking art pieces made out of handmade textiles. In my opinion, this collection was unforgettable! Mariandree Gaitán was a huge highlight this year. She presented a luxurious and feminine night gown collection. It was filled with metallic colors and elegant cuts.


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*images obtained from Mercedes Benz Fashion Guatemala’s web page

In the end…

These are not the only designers that caught my mind. I’d have to write for at least 10 more pages to describe each collection. It would take me many pages to explain how proud I feel of Guatemalan design and the fashion proposal. This country is becoming more aware of its potential each day. This, is definitety what makes our collective dream a reality.
In Wakami we work for the communities, but we know that fashion and design is what the markets are asking for. We are sure that being part of such big event is a great way of connecting our artisans to work with world markets. In this journey, we realized that, by putting our talents together and dreaming we can accomplish anything we want. This is why Wakami is so thankful to be part of this dream. The dream of a Guatemala that exports and presents it’s talent to the World.
Keep on dreaming with others,

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