On Taking Action For Change

I was recently caught up in Zac Efron’s new docuseries Down to Earth. Wow, it really made me think. I don’t know if it was the beautiful script or the amazing views that they show, but the series really became a call to action for me. I’ve always known that a better world is possible, but what this series made me realize is the fact that a better world ALREADY EXISTS! We already have enough information and resources to change this planet for better. This for me is completely mind blowing!

I’ve been the girl who watches environmental documentaries until there are no more tears in my eyeballs, also the girl who reads tweets and remains with a clenched gut but without any words to reply or say. I’ve been the girl that feels frozen when I see someone throw garbage on the street. But also, I am now the girl who is willing to stop only getting mad or sad and who wants to re-think and re learn. I want to share with you some steps that I think will help me (and probably will help you too) to take action.


As I see it, the bravest act is to challenge what you know. Getting engaged with the big questions of the world is key to make change. What is life? How am I contributing to racism or anti-racism? How am I part of climate change? How am I consuming? What messages and ideas am I consuming? Information is one click away. Let’s read, watch documentaries, but also let’s have transforming conversations with people that surround us. It’s not necessary to speak with experts to awaken curiosity, and as I love to say: The question is always more important that the answer. Conversations are key to unchain change. Share what you know, share what you don’t know. Let’s normalize changing our opinion.


My mom always says “That in which you put your energy, grows” and now I say “That in which you put your money, grows”. With every purchase we make we are shaping the world we want future generations (and us) to live in. Where do you want your money to go? There’s really no right answer. But it is really important to keep this in mind when we shop. Do we want to put our money in artisan-made items? Or in local organic farms? To small shops that support families and communities? See our spending – our consumption – like an investment.


I like to think that you have to choose your battles. You can find causes from saving the sea animals to education in developing countries… the sky is the limit. But you can’t really be active in every cause. Also, there are causes and fights that often don’t resonate with us, that seem foreign to what moves our hearts. I have found that it is very important to never underestimate someone else’s cause. Because we don’t understand it or we don’t seem affected by someones fight, it doesn’t mean that their work is not worthy of respect. My invitation is to celebrate causes, learn about them and respect what people are devoting their life, time, and/or money to impact.


It’s always in the small things that we make change. My invitation is to take a look at our habits. What we do and use from the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep? What kind of toothbrush am I buying? How much time are my electronic devices are plugged in? What kind of fabrics do I often wear? And who is making the clothes I wear? In what conditions? Little by little you can change what needs to be changed and contribute with your daily practices to a better world.

Step by step; as you know Rome wasn’t built in one day! Small things add up. Small changes create big changes over time.

Maybe these steps seemed a little obvious. But I think that sometimes what is actually in front of us is what we miss out. Be active on what moves your heart. And remember that collective dreams are UNSTOPPABLE.  I am grateful to stand with you as a citizen of the world and igniting change from wherever we are.