“When people partner… transformation happens”

This last April, we witnessed transformation. We met in Antigua with 27 travelers from New Jersey who had arrived to Guatemala with one objective: have a better understanding of how Guatemalan society works, about immigration and about the Wakami world. They came with an open heart and went back home with a heart filled of purpose, prosperity and hope.

They met Guatemala City and learned from our contrasts.They visited beautiful Quetzaltenango and talked with locals that lived immigration firsthand.

On Wednesday, we visited our beloved Wakami Center. Our travelers saw pain and Guatemala’s harsh reality. But after that, they saw the beauty of hope with our Wakami producers. We shared a Dream Workshop. We had a meal in Alejandra´s (a business leader) house and then played with 60 kids from Patulul.

On Thursday we traveled to Chuk Muk, Sololá. Here, we met with Wakami women. There, they implemented a model house and painted the School from the village.

By Friday, we all changed. We all learned from Guatemala’s reality and history and we all got inspired by Wakami’s way of bringing purpose, prosperity and hope to everyone that gets somehow in touch with our villages.

The Wakami Traveler program allows us to bring groups of travelers to our Wakami Communities so that people can learn from our country, our system and our women.

Purpose, Prosperity and Hope is what inspires us.