We are Citizens
of the World

Handmade products from Guatemala

Story of the Earth

A collection that connects us all with the place we call home. These pieces tell the story of how the Earth was created, each bracelet representing one element of this tale.

Story of the Citizens of the World

Inspired by our manifesto and created to connect all citizens of the World with each other. A symbol for the dreamers, and for those who want to live a life of purpose, prosperity, and hope.

Story of the Wakami Dream

A collection inspired by our vision: Living in a world with houses surrounded by gardens where Prosperous and sustainable families live and where the earth takes care of us and we take care of it!

About our products

Products that elevate our community, products inspired by stories that connect us as Citizens of the World. Stories centered around hope, love, connection, and the Earth. Explore our collections to find the one that speaks to you, represents your beliefs, and symbolizes the World you want to build.

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What do we do?

At Wakami our mission is to create products that elevate our community, restore the Earth, and transform perspectives. We believe that by doing so, we can create a world where purpose, prosperity, and hope exists for everyone.

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Our Impact

At Wakami, we partner with people from rural communities in Guatemala and give them access to an expanse of opportunities so they can turn their dreams into reality. We believe in the power of collective dreams.

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our manifesto

We are the citizens of the world. We believe that a better world is possible, that global change begins at home.


Dear Wakami Friends, welcome to Wakami Global,  where the only visa required is to have a dream for the world.

This is a space where we want each of you to feel at home and where you are invited to become part of this community with a shared dream . . . One with shared tables, with moms and dads that work and prosper, and boys and girls that study and play, in a place where the Earth takes care of us and we take care of the Earth.