We all need Inspiration

It doesn’t matter if you do paintings for a living or if you work as a lawyer. We all need that extra something that makes us a little happier everyday. Inspiration is necessary for every person’s life. This is why today I’m bringing you three outfit ideas for the same bracelet. Each Wakami bracelet has a story; a story that brings inspiration to us. That story gives us purpose, it helps us find prosperity and hope. These three outfit ideas are for all those girls out there with different styles but one thing in common. And that is that they want to bring inspiration wherever they are.
  1. Sporty Gal

    Take those sporty pieces out! Fleece and denim are always a YES for me. But this fabrics will look a little more polished if they are used in trendy pieces such as crop tops and a skirt. Pair this combo with your favorite pair of sneakers and maybe even a beanie hat. That will add an extra edgy vibe to the whole thing. Never forget your Wakami bracelet. That will remind you to find inner health and peace in every moment of your life.

  2. Boho meets Cowboy

    Again, bohemian looks are my go to looks. Pair your favorite flowy dress with some unexpected winter boots and socks. This is a cool swap to the normal dress and booties. As I always say, Wakami is a YES for all those boho chis girls around. So combine this awesome outfit with your inner Life is… Infinity necklace in light blue. Maybe wrap it around your neck as a choker!

  3. Out of a magazine

    I think that resort/nerdy looks are huge this season. There’s something about this style that makes you look polished and crisp with no effort. I love to take trends a little further. Besides the resort-like combination, I’m adding here a print combination. That print will make a lot of heads turn towards you. Flowers and squares. Isn’t it lovely? Add drama with a hat and some crisp accessories. And of course, your Life is… Infinity necklace in denim, maybe this time wrapped around your ankle?

Going the extra mile also applies to your fashion choices everyday. Remember that life is too short to wear boring clothes. Leave your comments down below and tell us, which is your favorite option? Which one feels more like you?


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