Marcela Tanchez: Dreaming of a healthier world

Marce, Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do? Why did you choose to work in fitness?

   My name is Marcela Tánchez, most known as MARCE FITNESS.  I’m a dietitian with a fitness degree, graduated from Universidad Francisco Marroquín. I have my fitness and health social media accounts but my main work focus is on Publicity. (I own a production Agency and work on commercial videos and photography = an amazing world!)
      Nutrition is the field I chose. Fitness and a healthy life are my passion. I love to help others to achieve their best versions and see how healthy, happy and full of energy they can be!

How did you begin with Marce Fitness?

      I started giving advice and nutritional tips to my friends and family. Then I decided to create my accounts to help others and suddenly it all became big. We were big community helping others and giving daily nutritional, fitness and health tips.

Which is the why behind your work?

      I love to feel happy and full of energy. I noticed that eating well and exercising daily was great for my health. It made me a very proactive and happy person. And I felt so good that I wanted to share that with others. Letting everyone know that being healthy is more important than being skinny. That being happy and full of energy make us become good people and achieve our goals. Love to hear stories from happy and energetic people believing in themselves. That is why I continue to set an example of a healthy and balanced life and continue on sharing my tips!!!

What is your biggest achievement with MarceFitness?

      Creating a big community that shares common health purposes. And knowing that I’m creating an impact on people’s lives. Knowing that I’m helping them become the best versions of themselves is amazing. Helping them to love their bodies for what they can achieve and to be happy with theirselves!

What are the biggest challenges when it comes to work in fitness and being a health coach?

      I like to be in touch with every person and follower I have. I like to create an intimate relationship and letting them know that I’m not unreal. Letting them know that I’m a real person and can be their friend! But sometimes I get to many messages and it is hard for me to answer all of them and stay in touch with everyone. I wish I had more time to be able to answer every message. I’d like to stay in touch with every special person that writes and contacts me.

What is the thing you enjoy the most of your work?

      Setting an example!! Letting people know that being healthy is not starving. Being under a strict diet and exercising a lot of hours isn’t hell. It’s setting an example of how we can live a healthy life but still enjoying small pleasures. Its all about balance! Also when I give conferences, I love to meet special people who come to take pictures. Getting to know them for real and hearing some of their stories!

What is your dream? Where do you see yourself in the future?

      My dream Is setting my own signature line of health and sports products. Creating products and services to help others achieve their best version. Making it easier for them to live a healthy and balanced life!

What is your dream for the world? What message would you like to share to our audience?

      I will like to let them know that they are unique and special people! That every single person is great and capable of anything! To dream big and achieve everything, we don’t know how capable we are until we try ourselves. And when we do and put all of our effort we achieve amazing things and become our best versions. Let’s do it for health! To become happy, healthy and energetic people and stop focusing on weight and physical appearance. Let’s become happy healthy people who take care of ourselves but never forgetting to enjoy life small pleasures and enjoying the process!!!