A cup of coffee with: María Pacheco

Wakami’s co-founder and president has a cup of coffee with us!

Maria Pacheco, co-founder and president of Wakami, invites us to her beautiful garden to have a cup of coffee. Surrounded by pure nature and a green background, Maria opens up about her childhood, her hobbies, fears, dreams, and much more.

The scenery is what best describes Maria: nature, the sound of singing birds and the breeze hitting the trees. When she wants to relax, she enjoys breathing in the beautiful scenery that surrounds her and connecting with nature. To start her day, Maria loves to meditate, drink a cup of good coffee and read a segment of a book.

She then tells us about her childhood, of how she has always been curious about life and attracted to nature. Her teenage years were filled with different sports and activities as well. You’ll have a laugh with her with the stories she remembers from the past!

Moving on, Maria opens up about how Wakami originated, what inspired her and how she build what Wakami is today. Just by listening her and seeing her smile, you know she’s passionate about Wakami and everything they’re achieving with it; so inspiring!

Inspired to build a world where people are happy, Maria is always looking for new ways to take care of Earth and encourage others to do the same.

Click on the video to watch the whole interview, filled with details, and get to know Maria better. I can promise you her words will motivate you to continue chasing your dreams until they come true!

[ux_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOiPSySmM6c&t=3s”]