Women who changed the World

Throughout history, women have been pegged as lesser than men. But we have found women in recent years (like 200 years back at most) that have changed that. Now a days, many women fight for equity and it happened because they found the motivation. Where did this motivation come from? It was because they saw other women doing innovative things. They saw what other women could do, so they wanted to do similar things.
Today we have a very neat infographic about marvelous women of the past. It features women who have innovated in various fields. We hope you like it!
We didn’t add María Pacheco to the infographic because of one simple thing. That infographic is about women who changed the world in the past. María is currently doing that. She’s changing the world this very moment. In the future, infographics of impactful women will feature María and what she’s doing with Wakami.
At Wakami, we’ve been working with around 530 women in rural communities. We have also seen what women are capable of doing. Helping these women is something as big as what women in the past have accomplished. We hope that by doing this, we’ll be able to make these women as impactful as the ones in the infographic. Changing their lives is something we look forward to keep doing.