What Wakami Has Come to Mean – 15 Years Along the Road

It’s been a while since I have written.  So many things have happened at so many levels – in Wakami, in Guatemala, in the World.

During these times, I realized it was important for me to go inside to search for answers, to rethink, to analyze, to feel.  Within Wakami, we have also been doing a lot of thinking, a lot of soul searching…

Today, I am happy to share with you the words we have found for what we believe in, for what we stand for, and for what we want Wakami to be a part of.

At the beginning, our main interest was for Wakami to be able to transform the reality for rural women in Guatemala.  After 15 years of work, we realize Wakami is transforming all of us that get to be a part of it… the team, our tribe members, the Wakami travelers, the people who love our products – citizens all over the world.

After this process of looking for words that are the closest to what we believe in, I want to share with you the Wakami Manifesto – something that makes us want to get up every day, knowing that we want to be part of re-building this planet that we call home – together with others.

Wakami’s Manifesto

We are the citizens of the world.
We believe that a better world is
possible, that global change
begins at home.

We dream of living in a world of
unity, of equality – a world of

We believe in the power of
dreams and we know that
collective dreams are

We choose to live a life of
purpose and we know that our
actions build the world in which
we want to live.

We know that when we
collaborate with others
everything is possible.  We
believe in peace, in gratitude,
in purpose, in hope.

We are citizens of the World.


Personally, I want to thank so many people that have been part of our journey, of our challenges, of our stories of change.  I hope this manifesto inspires you as it does me and the Wakami team.  The first 15 years of Wakami was a journey that took us deep into the rural villages of Guatemala.  My hope is that this next stage takes us deep into the human spirit . . . in communities all over the world as we continue to dream and work together, as we continue to overcome challenges and celebrate when we manage to evolve and learn how to make a difference.

Maria Pacheco