Every day should be women’s day.

Do you know why we celebrate the political, economical and social achievements of women on March 8th? If not, I invite you to do some research about it. It is fascinating how women have been fighting for years. They’ve fought for us to have equal rights and responsibilities as men. But today’s post is not about history or the narrative behind this day. It’s about what would happen if we had women empowerment in mind everyday. As women (and men) we can be empowered. That is great. But women empowerment is all about inspiring and empowering others too. What are you doing to make the people that surrounds you powerful? Does everyone that surrounds you know they are worthy, valuable and important to you?
Big changes are made by small actions. I believe that the world has seen many big speeches, but it is time for us to see more people acting. I have big problems with theory. We can spend years reading about feminism theory and that’s great. But we need people acting according to their ideals. Imagine that all the posts on women’s day could transform into people fighting for equality. What if for each pinterest quote we had someone making questions about environment. That would be awesome!
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The invitation is to become ACTIVE AGENTS OF CHANGE. Let’s be coherent, let’s use products and brands that support women. Let’s do research on the brands and companies we already buy from. Let’s make questions, open questions that generate dialogue. Find your how. Find the way YOU can add and practice it everyday.
Remember, Individual dreams are strong and COLLECTIVE DREAMS ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

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