Wakami Coffee

Coming soon...

For over twenty years, Wakami has developed the Wakami Methodology to transform cycles of poverty into cycles of prosperity throughout Guatemala. By developing sources of income, providing resources for healthy lifestyles and focusing on education, nutrition and personal development for women and their families in Guatemala, we have achieved real change in these communities.

We are excited to announce that we are now bringing our Wakami Methodology to the coffee communities of Guatemala and launching Wakami Coffee Trading. 


Guatemala grows some of the very best coffee in the world and our goal is to be recognized as the coffee company that best demonstrates how coffee can produce sustainable prosperity for coffee producers. 


We believe that sourcing coffee with transparency is the future for a thriving coffee community and we are committed to sharing this message worldwide.

Come dream with us on what coffee can do to change the lives of the people who grow the very best coffee in the world!

To learn more about the Wakami story

visit www.wakamifoundation.org

or contact Marelyn at marelyn@wakamiglobal.com