Are We Thanking the Women Who Empower Us?

The big question: are we thanking the women in our lives who make us feel empowered, valuable, and seen?

I was young the first time I heard “Behind every great man there’s a great woman. “ It turns out that, after working in Wakami for some years, I learned the truth. Behind every great woman there’s another woman telling her she can do it.

Solidarity, sisterhood, support. Three words that describe what happens in the communities in which we work. Our women from rural communities are organised in groups that become small families. They support each other, they believe in each other and they take care of each other. This, I learned, is what happens when women are empowered, there is no competition, instead, groups of empowered women become networks of strength and love.

When visitors come to the communities here in Guatemala, amazing things happen. One would think that travelers come to transform the communities (and they do) but turns out, the communities transform them too. When they look in the eyes of Wakami women, they realize what compassion and empathy feels like. This connection goes beyond any border, any language, and any difference. This connection inspires us and reminds us of our purpose. This is when the phrase citizens of the world comes to life. In Wakami we have been witnesses of how connections between women, no matter the age, the language, or origin, transcend the ordinary and reach into the depth of our hearts and minds.

Women empowerment sounds like a big thing, I have learned that empowerment happens on the tiny day-to-day things. It happens when we say the truth to each other. It happens when we look each other in the eye, with kindness and compassion. Empowerment happens when we are there to celebrate another woman`s achievements, and when we open doors so that others can join our dreams. Empowerment happens when we are brave enough to do the right thing, to stand out for each other.

It seems to me that Women’s History Month has a spirit, and that spirit is based on a code: The Sisterhood Code. A code that reminds us that if we don’t support each other, who will? A code that is a calling and a commitment. Imagine a world in which all women would live by these 8 simple rules:

  1. We celebrate each other.
  2. We listen to other women; we are present.
  3. We say the truth.
  4. We communicate, we talk, we see each other.
  5. We respect each other’s decisions, we don’t judge.
  6. We ask ourselves important questions; we question the world around us.
  7. We are women of action, leaders and doers who get things done.
  8. We collaborate with others; we know that together we are more.

We now see girls in the communities that go to school, girls with jobs, girls joining universities and questioning the status quo. You want to know how that happened? These girls are daughters of a generation of women who were brave enough to be different, a generation of women that were willing to work together, to collaborate and to dream together.

This is why Wakami celebrates women, women who are changing history.

Who inspires you? I invite you to leave a comment so we can celebrate with you.