Guatemala is a hugely diverse country; one of the 20 most diverse countries on the planet. This is due to its geographical location and the fact that in a relatively small territorial space there are a significant variety of ecosystems, from oceans to jungle, from volcanoes to beautiful tropical rivers.In addition Guatemala has a rich Mayan cultural legacy that tells a story of human history stretching more than 3,500 years. Today Guatemala is the heir of a millenary culture that is reflected in its 21 Mayan ethnic groups, as well as the Xincas, Garífunas and Ladinos that make it a multicultural and multilingual nation.

We invite you to visit Guatemala and experience the country in a different way through our wakami traveler program. We will take you on a trip to know our different communities, to share with the wakami entrepreneurs and to visit the main tourist destinations in the country.It is an unusual and enriching experience. We can organize trips from one day to a week in which you will share with other cultures, enjoy beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisine and participate with the wakami entrepreneurs in various activities.

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What will I do if I go?

As part of a Wakami Travelers Group,..

•You will meet our producers and our team.

•You will participate in beautiful life-changing workshops and other activities with our wakami women.

•You’ll make your own wakami bracelet.

•Your efforts will directly benefit Guatemalan communities.

•Most of all you will experience Guatemala from a local perspective that will inspire you and allow you to be a part of our collective dream!

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