Ethical Fashion is not only the final product put on a mannequin or a runway. It’s also the whole process behind. The design, the production, the retailing, and the purchasing of the product. It also considers working conditions, fair trade, sustainable production, animal welfare, and many other things. Here, at Wakami, we pride ourselves in being and Ethical Fashion Brand.

But like us, there’s may persons out there that also aim to work in an ethical way to provide for the fashion industry. There’s many brands throughout the world. We took the time to put together a couple of them so you can know about more brands like us. These brands work though organic fabrics, non-toxic colors, and many more things that help our world.

If you want to see more videos like this one about Ethical Fashion, check our Youtube Channel out. We do a lot of audiovisual content like this. If you liked this brand video, our ethical closet article is just for you! There’s many other interesting articles about ethical lifestyle in our blog, go check them out!

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