The last week of July was filled with fashion, color and beautiful music for us. We partnered with Fashion District Guatemala on an adventure. We went to the biggest fashion platform in Latin America: COLOMBIAMODA.
It took place in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia. Known for it’s beautiful women and abundant flowers. Three days of pure MOVEMENT. Colombiamoda showed us how fashion is art, energy and culture all in one.  W learned that our industry it can become the best ambassador for a country.
Latin America should learn from colombiamoda. A platform that opens its doors to everyone who wants to learn about the industry. There’s all about trends, technology, brands, marketing and about the art of indumentary. People from all countries, cultures, social backgrounds and fashion styles were present here. I was was a witness of flavor and chicness.

Today I’m bringing you the top 5 trends I saw in Colombiamoda so you can learn from the amazing colombian designers:

Deep V necks
They aren’t going anywhere. Deep cuts, see through V necks are still IN.

90’s aren’t going anywhere
I saw then with print os Mickey Mouse, with plan White fabrics and with denim. Big, baggy cuts and the 90’s influence will stay for a while.

Neons are back
Just like 5 years ago. Colors that make an impression were part of Colombiamoda’s runways. PINK, ORANGE, GREEN AND PURPLE! Were all over the place

Another trend that is staying. The closing show was a whole love letter to the transparencies and flowy fabrics. Flowy textiles that show a little bit more than expected are huge these upcoming seasons.

Knits, baskets and fibers
You probably knew this, but what is HOT right now is any purse or bag with the shape of a basket. You see them in fibers, in cotton in recycled materials (just like our LAMULTICOLOR bags).  Latinamerica is loving it’s local materials for creating these bags.

This is it for today. Keep in your mind that LATIN AMERICAN FASHION is alive and ready to scream to the world that we know fashion too.

*videos personally recorded by Isa

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