Fall isn’t right around the corner… It’s already here! We’re so excited for this season. The weather starts getting a bit chillier, and warm clothing comes out! It’s time to bring out our coats and tights. The colors are a mix between cold and warm, which gives us a big palette. Wakami has amazing accessories you can work with.

Even though it’s an amazing season, it has a few downfalls. What’s hardest is to keep using your Summer clothing during Fall or even Winter! This, is why we have created a few tips on how to incorporate some Summer pieces during Fall. Thus, we have a very fun Transition to Fall Outfit Tip list!

Here are our tips:

1. Tights with your Summer dresses

We’re well aware that it’s getting colder. But we know dresses are beautiful and amazing! Why not keep wearing them? Just throw in some nice tights or leg warmers with a pair of boots and you’re set! Don’t forget to style it with your favorite cardigan or coat to stay warm. We don’t want you catching a cold, or anything else! Our Wakami accessories are perfect to help you add the perfect touch!

3. Throw in a long-sleeve with your maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are very comfortable for going anyplace. Keep using them with a nice long-sleeve shirt underneath to stay warm. This way, you can stay comfortable and warm at the same time without discarding your summer wear. Throw in a couple Wakami accessories to give the finishing touch for this.

2. Your favorite swimsuit with a pair of jeans

Swimsuits have very beautiful patterns, keep them inside your options! If you grab a pair of jeans, the swimsuit turns into a very pretty top! Add some tennis shoes or sandals and a jacket, and you’re ready to go! Wakami is here to assist on your accessory layering, people! Keep it cool.

Hopefully, these few tips help you keep in the bright Summer colors and stay warm with the Fall clothing. Have fun playing around with your fabulous wardrobe! Wakami will be here to help you top your outfits some more.

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