The world has many places that make traveling so attractive and addicting. It’s reaching almost 200 countries, which means it offers a variety of experiences. Those experiences make you question if what you’re seeing and living is actually real life. In the following post, I’ve chosen my top 5 places to visit. If what you’re craving is to get a taste of adventures and experiencing a nomadic life, this is your post.

#1 Guatemala

Guatemala will leave you wanting for more. Do not hesitate on booking a trip that will take you to the whole country since it has so much to offer. Up in the north, you’ll see the Mayan City of Temples. Here, you’ll learn history and admire nature. In the west, the climate is a little bit cooler so you’ll be able to go camping in mountains. You can catch a sight of a diversity of flora and fauna. In the south, the tropical weather will call you to take a break in the black-sand beaches. Lastly, in your way to the capital, you can go through the old city Antigua. Have taste of good food and outstanding architecture before giving your last goodbyes.
Guatemala has got to be one of the most beautiful countries of the world. At the end, you’ll have your arms covered with colorful handmade bracelets. Your camera’s memory card filled with magazine-like pictures. And your heart loaded with memories you w
The country of the eternal spring, ethnic diversity and spectacular scenery. Guatemala is the perfect destination to get out of your comfort zone. You can meet the most charismatic people and experience an identity by its unique and rich culture. Here, you’ll be able to hike several volcanoes that surround the whole country. They offer views that will take your breath away. Also, go on boat trips from Río Dulce to the Atlantic Ocean. You can go for a dive into clear-blue waters. Or else, go fishing in the Pacific Ocean and if you get lucky, watch whales splash in the horizon. On top of that, you can visit ethnic communities that create and sell accessories, textiles and art. Such as the Wakami collections! Then, get a taste of spectacular food and drinks. Most importantly, have conversations with people who love to laugh and have a great time.

Lake Atitlán

Santiago Atitlán, Solola

#2 Iceland

One 100,000 square km filled with natural wonders, spectacular views and a range of activities that will keep your heart racing at all times. Get yourself into a car and begin your trip from the capital, Reykjavik. Two hours away you’ll reach the Golden Circle where you can snorkel in Silfra. It’s a fissure made by the separation of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Once you’ve recovered from the coldest waters you’ll ever swim in, go behind breath-taking waterfallsContinue your journey stopping by the skirts of the volcanoes that surround the highway. Do as much hikes as your body allows you; I can promise you each view from up top gets better than the last. If the weather conditions are in your favor, go ice climbing in the beautiful glaciers that give Iceland its most amazing sceneries. Once you reach the north, let time to rest and admire the chain of mountains that seem to have to ending point. When you start descending, end your trip by visiting the inside of a volcano cave (with real fire!!).
Iceland feels as if it has never been touched by men, making your eyes don’t believe what’s right in front of them. Don’t be afraid of experiencing around and staying up until dawn to look for the Northern lights. Let yourself breathe the purest air in the world.

#3 Coron, Philippines

Coron is home for a family of islands that have clear, turquoise waters. Have in mind that diving and snorkeling is a must when visiting. The reefs are bright and colorful, and the sea life is pretty large. Apart from living the fish life-style, in Coron you can also take classes of Kite surf. Also, go kayaking, paddling and have boat drives. Furthermore, many small islands welcome you with volleyball matches, seafood barbecues, and fun! Make sure to also hire a long-tail boat that will take you to the secret parts of Coron. Places like the Twin Lagoons where you can swim inside and feel the mixture of fresh and salt water. While doing that, listen to the screaming nature jungle that surrounds them.


Coron: the combination of nature, good food, and the perfect sun-dosis. The tropical paradise you won’t ever want to leave!

#4 South Africa

The eternal flight you’ll have to take to reach the bottom of the world will be worth every single second, guaranteed! South Africa, in general, offers a taste of real adventure. You can choose to get lost in the west side. Here you’ll hop on a Jeep, and find yourself surrounded by enormous and beautiful animals. There’s fun park-rangers, and beige fields with few spots of green.
When you feel “done” with the wild lifestyle, make sure you go to Cape Town. Spend a few days feeling the sea breeze stroking your face while you hike Table Mountain or Lion’s Head. The views from these two points will be one of the best you’ll ever see in your life! If you do decide on tackling the 3-4 hours hike up Lion’s Head, take a GPS with you. Go to the secret Wallyscave; it is the perfect spot to see Table Mountain’s peak. Aside from hikes, there are many other activities that will keep your heart racing! First, let your adrenaline rush kick in and go bungee-jumping in one of the highest platforms of the World. Second, give your fear a rest and dive into a cage to have the magnificent white sharks swimming right next to you. Third, go skydiving while soaking in the majestic views. And lastly, enjoy a hot-air-balloon safari flight!
Beautiful South Africa is the perfect destination for adrenaline junkies, sea lovers, hikers, and all those who are seeking to get impressed by nature itself!
When your body asks you for a time-out, head to the West side of the beach and grab a yummy plate (pad-Thai is a must!). Get a fresh coconut milkshake takeaway from the food-street, and then sit in the sand to witness a breathtaking sunset. This is the perfect moment to soak in the amazingness of life!
This goes to those who’d rather catch flights than feelings – the one’s who will never, ever, settle. Get out there and put your dreams first and live out your happiness. The world is too big and life’s too short to stay put. Now is the time to pick one of these five-paradise destinations. Pack your bags and venture yourself in an adventure that will change your life forever!ill cherish for the rest of your life.

#5 Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

After arriving to the Krabi airport, you’ll have to take a 15-minute ferry ride to Railay Beach. Even though it is small in size, you will have the best of time. A few resorts surround the island, but what’s most attractive about this location is the wide range of rock-climbing spots. From beginners to experts, everyone can go up and down rock-cliffs on top of the blue water ocean. Also, you can go kayaking around the island or decide to take a long-tail boat for some snorkeling or diving. Your day will go by so quickly since there’s so much to do!
I promise, you will not regret your visit!

*images provided by Anika Leal and obtained from Stocksy’s web page

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