The journey of our products

We are a chain of actions that exist to create products that are invitations to live in a world of prosperity, purpose, and hope. Get to know this trip.

Look with curious eyes

The journey of our products begins when our team collects information from nature, from ancient techniques, from the world’s conversations, and from this… a concept is born.


Our team then begins a dialogue with the different artisans we work with. This process is sometimes a journey, sometimes it is a call, sometimes it is a coffee. At this time we validate techniques and learn together with the artisans what is the best way to make our concept something real.

Materials travel

The materials reach the communities where the groups of artisans with whom we work live. These materials are distributed to the different members of the group so that they can work on our products while being close to their families.

Package with purpose

Our products are packed in Guatemala City and we do it in alliance with the Puente Belice project, this allows young Guatemalans to finish their studies.

We make an invitation

Our products finally reach our stores, websites, and the stores of other citizens of the world who dream, like us, that the world is a more prosperous place, with more unity and more hope. This journey ends when our products reach you, when you become part of our community, this is when the dream IS!


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