Tell Us About A Woman Who Has Helped You Chase Your Dreams – Pt. 3

We continue receiving so many inspiring and powerful answers when we ask about the woman who has helped chase your dreams. Today we will share part 3 with you!

We’ve divided them in five different posts so that you can enjoy reading all of them! Check out here the rest!

Instagram: @SheScribes, Blog:

“The person who helped me chase my dreams was my mom. She was always encouraging me to chase my dreams and helped me to believe that I can be anything that I wanted to be, even when I had some crazy ideas. For example, when I wanted to be an astronaut, she bought me a telescope and books about the solar system. She also knew how much I loved to draw and paint, and she was always buying me art supplies and proudly displaying my artwork for all to see. She taught me that even when the odds were stacked against me, I can be anything I wanted to be and be able to chase my dreams.”


Instagram: @kriskohale, Blog:

“My mother is the true woman of inspiration in my life. Her strength in hard times, her endurance to raise children as a single parent and her effortless way to continue to smile each day, help a friend in need, even when we barely had enough to feed ourselves and continue to thrive and persevere and be the outstanding woman she is today has inspired me as a woman, a mother and friend.”


Instagram: @momontheside, Blog:

“My 16-year-old daughter is one of my biggest inspirations. She is a dreamer and a doer who started a book club in elementary school and created the Human Rights Club at her high school this year.

A giver before a receiver who recently interviewed for the local youth leadership chapter to help make a difference in our city. A challenge taker with an empathetic soul who has always wrapped her arms around those who are different than her.

Seeing her climb the mountains that come along with the teenage years, and continually rising to the top and making change happen while achieving her dreams has reminded me that it’s never too early or late to go after those dreams. If your heart desires something you owe it to yourself to try. Learn, do, grow, have adventures, and explore what makes you happy. Dream big and open your arms to all the possibilities life has to offer.”


Instagram: @nicosam95

“I was lucky enough to have a mother who gave importance to my dream and inspired me to fight for it. She taught me by example as she follows her dream with passion and drive every day taking a step closer to achieving it. Thank you mom for showing me to believe in my dream and making me a better human.”


Instagram: @thirdeyemom, Blog:

“My mother has always been one of the strongest women I have ever known. She raised me and my siblings while fighting a life-threatening kidney disease and then she was diagnosed with cancer when I was ten years old. She lived with the constant fear that her cancer would come back and it did a couple of times over my childhood. Yet she fought on and instilled in me a passion to fight for my beliefs, to never give up and to follow my dreams. She has never once stopped believing in me or loving me even with the craziest dreams possible, she has been there by my side. 

I would never have the courage, the perseverance and the passion to follow my dreams of traveling the world and making the world a better place, if it wasn’t for the love and support of my mother. A mother’s love and support is the best gift one can ever receive. Now it is my dream to pass this on to my own children.”

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