Tell Us About A Woman Who Has Helped You Chase Your Dreams – Pt. 4

We continue receiving so many inspiring and powerful answers when we ask about the woman who has helped chase your dreams. Today we’ve got part 4 with you!

We’ve divided them in five different posts so that you can enjoy reading all of them! Check out here the rest!

Instagram: @pelleriniproclaims

“The woman that has helped me chase my dreams is my mom, Susan.  She has always supported me in my efforts to better myself – both professionally and personally.  She protected me when I was young, but as I grew older she has come to let me make mistakes – the best learning lesson!  I couldn’t be who I am without her love and support!”


Instagram: @daniela.paizb

“I want to honor a woman that does the impossible everyday. She is independent, courageous, smart and the person’s with the biggest heart that I know. I am so grateful that I had the chance of having her in my life, to learn from her and to share my memories with. She has always supported me and took me one step closer to my goal. She is my idol and if when I grow up I am half the person she is I would consider myself the most successful person in the world. I love you mom.”


Instagram: @afrogirlshenanz, Blog: AfroGirl Shenanigans

“The woman who inspired me to chase my dreams is my oldest sister, Mimi. She was very instrumental in cultivating my creativity. When I was younger she taught me how to knit and crotchet…she would buy me Hello Kitty notebooks and stationery because she knew I love to write. We liked the same type of music. She was my confidant and talk-downer when I was stressed. Mimi passed away in 2011…not a second goes by on my journey to happiness that I don’t have her in my thoughts. Her faith in me will not be in vain as long as I continue to succeed in life.”


Instagram: frugalmom

“The woman who helped me chase my dreams is my oldest daughter, Maddie. At age 22, she has more determination and less fear than I did at that age. Seeing her accomplish her dreams of graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and moving clear across the country from East Coast to West Coast to attend college to obtain her Ph. D. in Environmental Toxicology, without hesitation had me realize that I need to get over myself and just go for what I want. Whether that is achieving a life goal of getting over my fear of heights by ziplining (which I did for the first time last year at the age of 48) or coming out of my comfort zone going for what I want- my daughter Maddie has taught more about life than I could have ever imagined and seeing the woman she has become makes me want to achieve more and so she can be just as proud of me as I am of her.”


Instagram: @rodriss6

“My mother has been the woman who has always helped me fight for my dreams. She has always been a fighter and she has always taught us that nothing in life comes easy, that only by working hard, giving the best of us and by trusting in God, anything can be achieved!”

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