Social Impact

Wakami was born by recognizing that Guatemala is a country where dreams are big but opportunities are few. It all started when we reached communities and asked: What do you need? and the answer was “What we need is a source of income”. These words triggered endless questions, plans, projects that led us to create our formula for change


Our work in the communities starts from a dream. The groups of artisans draw what they dream with, what moves them… and this image becomes a reference throughout the process. “If we can see it, we can achieve it”

Our form of intervention in rural communities is done through three pillars:

Impact to date:

+2,000 empowered women to date

4 sustainable value chains, with the purpose of improving people’s lives and taking care of the Earth.

We have created market access for 300 rural businesses.

60% of Wakami children have improved their nutritional status,

44% of Wakami women have invested to improve their houses,

Wakami children have 75% more school enrollment than the national average


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