Lia Cohen – Sanna Bracelet


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Winter- Evening A woman who is beholden for life. Nostalgic and full of wisdom. A philosophical woman who is rested, self-confident and free.

This woven and beaded set represents the Archetype Liv which is one of the four sets of the Archetypes collection created in collaboration with guatemalan womenswear brand Lia Cohen. ARCHETYPES is a collection that not only explores the understanding of women beyond its pre-established connotations within gender spectrum, but rather goes deeply into segmenting women’s interests, ambitions, goals and decision-making.

• 5 strand bracelet set

• Sliding closure on all strands

• Woven with kumihimo cord, silver beads, glass seeed beads and faceted semi precious stone beads.

• Since each bracelet is handwoven, slight variations make each piece one of a kind

• Handmade by women artisans in Guatemala

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