We believe in creating a world full of purpose. At Wakami, we are on a mission to inspire and connect citizens of the world through a sense of purpose. From the artisans we work with to the lives you touch, each person is a valuable part of our global vision. Everything we do and make is inspired by our values and stories that speak to our souls. These values have been at the heart of our brand since the beginning. From the bracelets we design and hand-weave to the travel programs we have put together, our values guide us and the work we do each step of the way  We are excited to share our values with you!



Design with Purpose

We believe in creating a lifestyle that is driven by purpose. Each of our products is thoughtfully crafted and made in small batches. From the stories that fuel our design to the women who create each piece, we hope our products inspire you and the lives you touch.

Empower Women

Designed and made in Guatemala, each of our products is handmade by women living in rural villages across the country that we love and call home. Our products provide jobs to women who typically do not have the opportunity to dream or the support they need to grow.


Connect and Honor

Let’s get back to the basics. We believe in connecting communities to each other and the Earth. Inspired by the volcanoes, lakes, and lushness that make Guatemala so beautiful, we create products inspired by our love for nature to help global communities honor and uplift one another.

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