My name is Marla, I´m 39 years old and I am the leader of Producciones Kastajem. Since I started working with Wakami my life has changed a lot. 10 years ago I started to attend secretly to Wakami workshops. I used to believe women were meant to become only housewives and mothers. I wanted to work but didn’t want to create problems with my husband. With time Wakami made me see my value and the women empowerment in general. Working here has changed, not only the way I think but the way my family lives. My father used to believe that women shouldn’t study because it was a waste of money but I broke that paradigm with my daughter. She not only graduated high school but she is the first girl in my family to attend college. She is the example of how far Wakami’s women empowerment gets you. 

For us Wakami has being a blessing. I do not get tired of saying that Wakami is a door because it invited me to dream. Because of my job I was able to build my house and make improves to it. My next goal is to have the second floor finished. I´ve achieved many dreams with Wakami and I don’t intend to stop dreaming nor working to achieve them. This job has given me opportunities and I have tried to make the best of every single one. Every day I try to give my best in everything I do because I want my children to have a better life.

I love to weave bracelets and I am passionate about my job. Every time we make a bracelet I want it to carry positivism, hope and prosperity. I want that the client connects with our dreams. Every night I pray to God that Wakami´s dream of creating a better Guatemala comes true. By creating more jobs for rural communities we will improve. Maria always says that a collective dream is unstoppable. We are more than 500 women working to improve our family’s lives and Guatemala’s.


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