“If I had to define one of the most important forces in my life, I would say it is the power of dreaming. This idea is used so much that sometimes it feels like it has lost its power. But not for me, not for the team I work with, not for the 500 families we work with. We have experienced the power of dreaming in people who have never dared to dream before.

There are many definitions of the word DREAM. The one I feel describes more what I feel is that A DREAM IS THE CREATION OF THE IMAGINATION!

But I feel we sometimes leave dreams there – in the realm of the imagination.

The power of dreaming is unlocked when we put them into action. I have learned that to imagine something is the key to making it unfold but then it requires the intent and the commitment to make those things happen. An amazing example of this can found in the work of Masaru Emoto – a Japanese philosopher who proved how the power of intention and the power of the mind is able to transform water crystals into different shapes. Emoto’s work showed how the crystalline structure of water can change based on the emotional qualities to which it is exposed.”


If you want to read the full article of our president and founder go to: www.mariapacheco.com and learn more about dreams.

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