Wakami’s Inclusive Social Business is a platform that connects people from underprivileged communities to any value chain. This methology has allowed Wakami to join with Guatemalan communities, empower women, create small businesses for them and allow new opportunities to emerge. Since it has achieved incredible things, many people around the region have admired it.

This past February, the Central American Leadership Initiative took place in El Salvador. CALI is a place where leaders from Central America gather to discuss topics that mind the whole region. In this opportunity, María Pacheco was invited to participate. During her time there, she talked about Wakami’s Inclusive Social Business methodology. 

It was an honor for Maria to let important leaders know this side of Wakami. In brief, she talked about the model and then listened to others talk about their own. It was an experience that allowed her to grow in knowledge and inspiration.

Furthermore, the great leaders that attended discussed numerous ideas on how to make the region a more prosperous, peaceful and safe one to live in.

These are a few photos from the experience.

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