Love makes everything beautiful. Life is better when you have someone to share the little and simple things about life with. Love inspires. It gives freedom. It’s what moves this world.

I’m a romantic. I adore rom-coms and valentine’s day. I’m always singing love songs and dancing to romantic salsa music (I’m latin, you know?).

Today I was feeling a little romantic. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some date ideas for you and your partner. Get out of the ordinary and add that romantic spice to your routines!

1. Go to the farmer’s market                                 

Picking up fresh vegetables can be such a great activity! Go to your local farmers market and pick beautiful veggies and fruits that are on season. And why not? Grill them afterwards!

*image obtained from Shutterstock’s web page

2. ENDORPHINS for two please!

Instead of going to a restaurant or for a coffee go for a run together. Or maybe a hike or a power walk! Exercise makes people happy and people in love HAPPIER!

*image obtained from Mickey Weiswel’s Stocksy web page

3. Road trip!
Get lost together. Go for an outdoor picnic! (Maybe bring those fresh veggies I was talking about inside your favourite LAMULTICOLOR bag) Have fun lying on the grass and breathing fresh air! If you guys are adventurers give him a Wakami adventures bracelet. It will be a lovely surprise!

*image obtained from We Heart It’s web page

Remember any day is perfect for getting out of the routine and having fun with the one you love.

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