LIA COHEN is a woman owned independent designer collection of impeccably crafted, timeless heirlooms for the passionate woman. Our creations are made with luxurious imported textiles and embellished with handmade details and custom prints all created in-house by the LIA COHEN team at our headquarters in Guatemala City. We operate around the intention of conscious acquisitions aimed to be treasured for generations. Limited edition creations portray a woman’s unique nature.

Through the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a variety of women that are naturally distinct from one another. There are different stages of womanhood that play a very important role in learning how to identify oneself and find out what is within us that can connect us to a greater good.
WAKAMI is a global brand with a philanthropic vision, that just as we do at LIA COHEN, focuses its endeavors into making women dream big. With this in mind, we organically arrived at the idea of collaborating and making this project come to life together. ARCCHETYPES is a collection that not only explores the understanding of women beyond its pre-established connotations within gender spectrum, but rather goes deeply into segmenting women’s interests, ambitions, goals and decision-making.

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