It started with the hands of 23 women who planted seeds, nurtured them until red fruits bloomed.

They harvested and transformed them into a cup of coffee on a blissful morning. From seed to coffee , from hand to hand, a story of transformation is shared.

With this bracelet, we want to celebrate with you the changes we are making together.

Each pound of coffee in your home means income is generated for a woman in Guatemala who grew that coffee.

La Morena 2022 – Set of 4 bracelets

Income in a woman’s hand is a symbol of transformation – it means she can choose how to invest it in her family, it means she can have dreams come true, it means she has value – it means POWER to her. “Value chains that empower women, change the world faster.”

This project is meant to shine a light

on empowered women in Guatemala

La Morena is a synonym for prosperity at farm level, economic growth for families, and a proud product representing Guatemalan coffees. What started with only 23 women producers and less than 50 bags of coffee 7 years ago is now an outstanding project involving 700+ producers, more than 6 containers sold, and present in 4 continents of the world.

This project has brought together partners like IWCA in its beginning, women traders & roasters around the world, rural women entrepreneurs in Guatemala, and a local social business like Wakami extending prosperity and hope beyond the reach of coffee.

A project imagined by women, for women of the world


Wakami creates handmade accessories for an ethical lifestyle. Each product is made with purpose and inspired by a story that speaks to the values that connect us all. Our products are designed to empower you, the lives you touch, and our artisans. Be part of this collective dream!