Knitted sweaters are the best. They are cozy, they are beautiful and they easily make a fashion statement. They are totally easy to style and wearable for day or night. I love this season because you are allowed to use them 24/7. You can drink all the hot cocoa you want and still use them because no tummy is going to show up.

Today we have three different ways to style your knitted sweaters this season.

  1. Edgy knit

Pair your favorite knitted sweater with your favorite ripped mini. It will balance the sweetness of the sweater with the edginess of the skirt. I love wearing tights with mocasines and keep it a little boyish. Since this outfit is a bit simple, I’m adding our Earth bracelet for a nice pop.

  1. Boho Knit

I love knitted sweaters that have a bell sleeve. I am quite bohemian and one can think that boho style is only for spring and summer. But the bell sleeves make any outfit look more relaxed and easy going. I love this kind of piece with big flare jeans. Make this look magazine material! Add trendy accessories like metallic shoes or a cute handkerchief. Nothing says boho like our Earth bracelet so don’t leave it at home!

  1. Monochromatic knit

Playing with textures is a great way of going monochromatic. Use pair your favorite same colors pants, shirt and sweater but always keep in mind that you have to use different textures and fabrics. I love our Kaminal Juyu collection to this outfits because it’s fresh and rustic and can pop from the monochromatic combo.

Enjoy this time of the year and share it with all your loved ones!

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