Let’s get real, being ethical can be hard. Everywhere you go you can see sales and advertisement from brands and products that are not good with people or the earth and it can get really confusing. After all that noise, you always end up asking yourself: What is really good for the world?  We all need resources and tools that can help us be more educated on our purchases and in how we consume goods. Here we have three tools that will make it easier to shop. These three resources are available for everyone with a smartphone or a computer and will help you to be more aware of what you are consuming.


  1. Slavery Footprint

    This is actually a test. It will study the things you own, what you do, your lifestyle and will give you a result on how much you are supporting human slaver. This, according to the things you already own. This is a great way of understanding the impact of our choices and the things that we have.

  2. GoodGuide

    Good guide is a great resource for daily shopping. You only have to log the name of an item that you plan on buying and it will give you an average on how much it benefits or not our planet. You can search on categories such as personal care, food and household.

  3. Project JUST

    Project just is dedicated to research on what apparel brands. They have information on many value chains, designers and retail stores available on their website. JUST is great for pre-shopping research.

*images obtained from Stanford Business’ web page

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