Holidays are around the corner. HURRAY! My favorite season. I love hanging out with my friends, christmas parties, the whole deal. But it is also a dressing up season, this is why we are bringing you the trends that will make you look a little more fancy this fall/winter.

1.    Pleated everything

Squares fabrics are not only for your picnic linens. This holidays season, prints are all over the magazines. So put on that sweet dress and make it look totally trendy by adding a faux fur sweater on. I love to use sneakers with such dramatic trends to balance it all and give a more easy going vibe. Combine this with your favorite Wakami infinity necklace and you are ready to go.

2.    Ballerinas out on the street

Nothing says girly and trendy more than tulle skirts. I love to use them with a knitted sweater and some comfortable shoes. I love the monochromatic vibe on this combo combined with some pastel copper Wakami bracelets. This outfit is CHIC!

3.    For those who refuse to leave jeans behind

I have some jeans obsessed friends. If you are one of them, dress up your favorite jeans with a sequined sweater or blouse for these holidays. This will take the simplistic jeans to another level. Add casualness to this combo by adding wakami bracelets and you are ready to look casual, comfortable and chic all in one!

I hope this post inspired. Which of the outfits is more like you? 1, 2 or 3? Leave your answer down below.

Only the best vibes for you,

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