Being fit is today’s trend. There’s no doubt. Being healthy and having a healthy lifestyles is on everyones mind nowadays. I think that this is great. We’ve seen so many beauty trends that are almost dangerous to one’s health that this new phonomenon is quite refreshing.

We are looking on new ways of exercising. I mean, running is fun, but sometimes doing the same over and over again gets boring and that makes a healthy lifestyle not maintainable. This is why we are bringin you today an excercise idea that can be fun and that you can add to the fitness routine that you already have. Have you heard about LESS MILLS?

These workouts are high-energy aerobics and strength classes. They are always different routines and instruments that you can add to each class. There are many branches of the LESS MILLS workout family. Bodypump, Bodycombat, Bodybalance are some examples. Maybe you’ve heard of them at your local gym! The movement started in New Zeland, but now it is available in many fitness centers from all over the globe!

Here we have some videos that you can check out and maybe start working out with this revolutionary system.


Remember that taking care of yourself, and taking care of others is a great way of filling your days with happiness and good vibes.


Keep on going!

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